Course platform and course materials

The course platform and the course materials have been created by Arto Hellas, Sami Sarsa, and Jesper Pettersson from the Aalto University. The platform has been initially created for the FITech 101: Digi & Data course series (currently only in Finnish).

The platform relies on a number of technologies, which include Docker, GatsbyJS, React, PostgreSQL, JavaScript and TypeScript, Dart and Dartpad, Ace editor, Deno, NodeJS, Express, Nightwatch.js, Cypress, Flyway, and a rather large number of individual libraries.

A huge shoutout to those responsible for the underlying work that has made this platform and the course possible. In addition to the above, we explicitly thank the teams and individuals responsible for creating the technologies that are used to teach web software development in the course. These include Deno, Heroku, Eta, PostgreSQL, Deno Postgres, ElephantSQL, Oak, SuperOak, Github and Github actions, to name a few. Thank you!